Celebrity Sightings in New York City - February 14, 2017In what has become a regular occurrence for the Aussie actor, Hugh Jackman is once again publicly sharing that he's been treated for skin cancer, posting a photo of his heavily bandaged nose as a warning to fans to protect themselves from the disease.

Jackman took to his Instagram account this week to reveal that he's had yet another reoccurrence of basal cell carcinoma -- a common form of skin cancer -- on his face, following his initial diagnosis back in 2013. The image he posted features a prominent bandage covering up his nose, though the actor noted that it was not too serious, writing, "Looks worse with the dressing on than off. I swear!"

This is now at least the fourth time that Jackman has publicly discussed his cancer, and during each flare-up, the actor reminds fans that they should always wear sunscreen to prevent a similar diagnosis. As he wrote in his Instagram post this week, he successfully manages and treats the disease thanks to "frequent body checks and amazing doctors"; but the actor has also said in the past that skin cancer is preventable, and he has urged fans to protect themselves from the sun's rays as much as they can. (Jackman has blamed his sunscreen-free childhood in Australia for his cancer diagnosis as an adult.)

We're glad the actor is using his considerable platform to provide some public health education, and hope he's feeling better soon.

[via: Hugh Jackman/Instagram]