peyton manning, modern family, coach garyIt's easy to be jealous of NFL great Peyton Manning, and as audiences will see in a new episode of "Modern Family," that's especially true when he's showing you up both on the football field and in your own home.

The retired quarterback is set to pop up on this week's episode of ABC comedy "Modern Family," and for the first time ever, the athlete and sometime actor will be playing someone other than himself. Manning's character this time around is Coach Gary, described by Entertainment Weekly as "a sports tutor whom Gloria (Sofia Vergara) hires to school baby Joe (Jeremy Maguire) in the art of throwing a ball."

Here's some additional scoop on the character, per EW:

Turns out, he's also handy around the house, fixing drawers and cleaning out gutters, which makes Jay (Ed O'Neill) feel emasculated. Especially when Gary talks about the size of [his] hands.

Based on the short clip from the episode, it appears Manning fits right in with the rest of the "Modern Family" cast. Maybe he should make playing characters other than Peyton Manning a regular occurrence.

Manning's episode of "Modern Family" airs this Wednesday on ABC at 9 p.m. EST.

[via: Entertainment Weekly]

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