the house, trailer, will ferrell, amy poehler, jason mantzoukasWhat are parents to do when their daughter gets into a prestigious university, but they can't afford to pay the tuition bill? Take out a student loan? Nah. They should open an underground casino instead.

That's the premise of "The House," starring Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler as Scott and Kate Johansen, who lose their daughter Alex's (Ryan Simpkins) college fund. Desperate for a solution, the duo is approached by their neighbor, Frank (Jason Mantzoukas), who has the idea to open up an illegal casino in his house, promising they can earn four years' worth of tuition in a month.

Of course, Scott and Kate get in way over their heads with the scheme, suddenly finding themselves running a fight night and strip club in addition to the casino (and accidentally chopping off part of a cheating patron's hand). But it's not all unwelcome chaos, either: Kate gets to wield a flame-thrower (Poehler has never looked more badass -- or more delighted), and Scott clearly has a ball donning expensive Italian sunglasses indoors.

Can they keep up the business long enough to make enough cash for Alex's college fund? Or will they get busted long before then? It seems that the latter is the likelier option, but it looks like it will be a hilarious ride either way.

"The House" hits theaters on June 30.