Britney Spears has yet to respond to Lifetime's unauthorized bio "Britney Ever After," but just about everyone else has weighed in, including Buffy icon Sarah Michelle Gellar and "Jersey Shore" alum Snooki.

Roughly 99 percent of the fun of watching a Lifetime music biopic is reading the Twitter reactions. They can be brutal, but also hilarious, and occasionally insightful. Sarah Michelle Gellar -- a '90s princess herself -- saved the entire experience with her running commentary during Saturday night's premiere:

Love it. Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi -- who knows from guilty pleasure TV -- shared her own thoughts on the docudrama:

We may never know Britney's thoughts. She and Justin Timberlake have yet to react, and they may decide to keep a permanent distance. Or we could discover, a long time from now, that they both watched every minute.

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