UPDATE: Congrats to Chelsea! The "ninja warrior princess" did it. Her finale collection wasn't the best work she'd shown this season, but the judges probably took her entire season into consideration. From here, Chris had the best finale collection. He took second place. Hawwaa was third. Izzy was fourth. They were all amazing, and we'll miss this great show. Until next year!

Original post:

Alas, another fantastic season of "Project Runway: Junior" is coming to an end. Tonight (Feb. 23) the Season 2 finale will reveal the big winner to follow in Maya's footsteps.

Here are the four talented finalists:

  • Chelsea Ma, 15

  • Chris Russo, 17

  • Izzy Kostrzewa, 16

  • Hawwaa Ibrahim, 16

If we had to guess, that's the order we think this plays out. Chelsea already declared herself the one to beat, since she has had the most wins and times in the top, and she's never been in the bottom. It's possible Chris could eek out a win -- he's already winning the hilarious quote game -- or maybe Izzy will be the runner-up or the dark horse to win. Hawwaa seems out of the running, since she barely beat Tieler James to be the fourth finalist, and the judges were not overly impressed with her mini collection.

TVLine has an exclusive sneak peek from the finale -- with the judges praising one of Izzy's looks -- and the site also posted a poll asking who should win. So far, voters agree that it should be Chelsea. (Many fans are still upset for Tieler, and also Molly O'Brien, who wasn't even allowed to compete for the fourth spot.)

Alyssa Milano of "Project Runway All Stars" stopped by the workroom for the finale, and that reminds us: Tieler should be cast on the next season of All Stars. He pulled a Laurence Basse this season, and he and "Project Runway" Season 15-er Laurence should both get chances to redeem themselves on the next All Stars season. Make it so!

The "Project Runway" Season 2 finale airs Thursday, Feb. 23 at 9 p.m. on Lifetime.

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