game of thrones, ian mcshaneGame of Thrones" fans who were upset that he spoiled the return of a presumed-dead character on the sixth season of the show. And the unapologetic actor is once again using his foul mouth to proclaim that he doesn't really care whether or not his spoiler bothered loyal viewers.

In a new interview with Empire (via Entertainment Weekly), McShane reflected on the kerfuffle he caused last year when he revealed that fan favorite character The Hound (Rory McCann) would be coming back in season six. When fans read the spoiler, they were understandably a bit upset, but the actor doubled down on his laissez faire attitude about keeping "GOT" secrets, saying in another interview, "I was accused of giving the plot away, but I just think get a f---ing life. It's only tits and dragons."

Setting aside the fact that "It's only tits and dragons" is a pretty perfect tagline for "Thrones," fans were pretty peeved about McShane's slam. But the actor is once again proving he doesn't really care, telling Empire that he finds the level of some viewers' obsession to be a bit much.

"The show is huge but some fans seem to identify with it [too closely]," McShane told the magazine. "You want to say, 'Have you thought about your lifestyle? Maybe you should get out a little more.' Firstly, you love it. Secondly, you'll have forgotten by the time it comes out. And what am I giving away? A character beloved by everybody returns. Get a f—ing life."

Based on his hilarious, DGAF interviews, we'd kind of love to get drinks with the actor (or maybe even watch an episode of "Thrones") and just listen to him rant about whatever. Give us a call sometime, Ian.

[via: Empire via Entertainment Weekly]