Marvel Studios Hall H PanelBenedict Cumberbatch is all about book-to-TV adaptations.

The "Sherlock" star is headlining "Melrose," an upcoming miniseries that Showtime has just picked up, Deadline reports. The limited series is based on Edward St. Aubyn's semi-autobiographical novels, which center on the fictional Patrick Melrose's childhood and adulthood struggles and evolution. Five episodes are planned, with each corresponding to a book in the series.

While Melrose and Sherlock Holmes are both literary figures, their stories are very different. Melrose is no detective; he's a playboy with a painful past, a history of substance abuse, and an excellent sense of humor. His stories take place in different parts of the world, including New York, London, and the south of France.

Cumberbatch is executive producing the series alongside his SunnyMarch TV partner Adam Ackland, and the two shared that they are "huge fans of these books." They also like what they've seen of screenwriter David Nicholls' adaptations -- they've called them "extraordinary."

We don't know when we'll see the series on Showtime yet, but we're looking forward to it.

[via: Deadline]