Premiere Of Disney And Marvel Studios' 'Doctor Strange' - ArrivalsNetflix's next Marvel series, "Iron Fist," hits the streamer this month, and it is preparing to make a big impact.

Although the show's hero is Danny Rand (Finn Jones), he isn't the only intriguing character. A new featurette, released Wednesday, focuses on Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick), his equally tough ally and love interest. Thanks to the video, we get to learn more about her backstory and the superhero series itself.

Colleen, a martial arts instructor, might not have the golden fist of fury that Danny has, but she can certainly fight, too. In fact, the featurette shows her joining an honest-to-goodness fight club. We have no idea if she can talk about her fight club or not, but we do know that she goes into the ring with multiple challengers at a time and comes out basically unscathed.

Together, Colleen and Danny make a formidable fighting team -- all while having what Henwick describes as "a very dramatic relationship." She promises the series "keeps you on your toes" and says it is in "a league of its own."

Watch the full featurette below.

"Marvel's Iron Fist" premieres March 17 on Netflix.

[via: Netflix]