Woody HarrelsonWoody Harrelson without pot? Unthinkable! And yet the "True Detective" star says he has sworn off the green stuff.

As the actor tells Vulture, "I actually stopped smoking pot almost a year ago."

The subject came up during an interview for his new movie "Wilson," when he was asked what misconceptions people have about him. "They think I'm a party animal, which ... I am a party animal. I mean, that might be one thing. But I am a party animal. But on the other hand, I haven't ... I'm now extremely moderate."

He says he gave up pot because he had spent "30 solid years of just partying too f**king hard."

However, he's still a fan. "I think it's great. I think it's a great drug ... Even cops say that the side effect is euphoria... But when you're doing it all the time, it just becomes ... Well, you know. I feel like it was keeping me from being emotionally available."

Harrelson admits he still drinks: "But I try to be moderate with the drinking, too."

He added, "I really don't want this interview to turn into a whole thing about [quitting pot]." Sorry, Woody, that's the big takeaway here.