"The Walking Dead" Season 7 is down to its final two episodes, and this next one will probably leave fans with a mix of frustration, disgust, and hope. Hope is good! But let's get to the frustration and disgust first.

Episode 15, "Something They Need" airs Sunday, March 26. Here's AMC's brief synopsis:

"A group of Alexandrians embarks on a journey; one member of the group must make a heartbreaking decision."

The Spoiling Dead Fans's source shared its usual Q&A with the spoiler site, sharing details on what happens.


Rick Grimes and company head to Oceanside to get weapons, but let's skip that. You can read the details at TSDF.

MAGGIE & GREGORY: The promo showed Gregory approaching Maggie with a knife, and TSDF's source said Gregory does power down to Full Coward mode, but he doesn't stab Maggie and (sadly) she does not kill him either: "Maggie asks Gregory to keep watch for walkers while she's planting some vegetables, and the a**hole actually considers killing her right there. Shortly after, a walker attacks Gregory. It's obvious he has never killed a walker before. He screams for Maggie like a little girl and she has to save his ass." Question: Is Gregory already worse than Nicholas, in terms of cowards? Gleggie has the worst luck with guys like that.

SASHA AT THE SANCTUARY: Fans may have mixed feelings about Sasha's time at the Sanctuary, 'cause it sounds like Negan actually comes to her aid against a rapist, and Eugene gives her pills to take her own life, as opposed to helping her kill Negan.

Here's some of the source's Q&A on that:

• What does Negan do when Sasha attacks the Sanctuary?

"He locks her in the cell, but it's not quite as bad as Daryl. She still has her clothes, and she's given good food and bedding (oh, and no Easy Street either.) When Negan finally shows up, he basically offers to make her one of his top lieutenants (in time of course) because of her 'beachball lady nuts.'" Honestly, he does kinda sound like Abraham sometimes.

• After Sasha is taken prisoner, does a Savior try to attack her in her cell? What happens?

"Yes, the Savior David comes into her cell and tries to rape her, but Negan walks in on him. In return, David gets a knife through the neck." Negan is anti-rape, just like in the comic book, although you could certainly argue that coercing women to be his "wives" does not quite equal consent.

• How does Eugene feel about Sasha being a prisoner?

"He's a little distraught, but ultimately encourages her to join Negan. [...] Eugene tells Sasha the reason why he has joined Negan is because when he was in that Lucille line-up it was the most scared he's been in his entire life. Then it was 'rinse and repeat' when it happened to Glenn. He can't feel that way again, and by being at the Sanctuary that ensures he never will."

• What request does Sasha make to Eugene? Why?

"She begs Eugene to give her something 'to end it.' She knows full well Negan's going to use her to hurt her friends, and she can't live with that. Eugene obliges. She might have been asking for a weapon so she could actually take out Negan. When Eugene slips the suicide pills under the cell door, she seems surprised and upset." Seriously, Mullet Man?

DWIGHT'S REDEMPTION? On the note of "hope," if you guessed that it was Dwight there at the end of last week's episode with Rosita, you are correct. It sounds like he is ready to pull a reverse Eugene and turn against Negan.

As TSDF reported:

• How does the episode end?

"It ends with Rick and Co. returning from Oceanside to be greeted by Rosita at the gate. She says they have a visitor, and that's when she leads Rick to Dwight who says he can help. Daryl tries to attack Dwight, but Rosita stops him and says he really wants to help. Then Rick asks if that's true. Dwight says 'Yes,' and then Rick pulls his gun and orders Dwight to his knees. Fade to black."

• Bonus:

"Negan hears from 'a little birdie' that Rick is making plans and so he prepares to head to Alexandria. Gregory gets ready to go to the Sanctuary in this episode, but doesn't leave yet so Negan didn't hear it from him."

After Episode 15, we just have the supersized season finale to look forward to. Everyone and their second cousin has been plugging the season ender, so it had better be damn good.

"The Walking Dead" airs Sunday at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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