What would you consider to be an "incredibly satisfying" end to "The Walking Dead" Season 7?

All hype about "The Walking Dead" should come with a caveat. Every episode is promoted as "astonishing," "amazing," "epic," "intense," etc. Season 7 is ending its 16 episodes on Sunday, April 2, and as much as we're enjoying the extreme finale hype, we can't help but remember that we were also promised a "satisfying end" to Season 3.

Still, TWD usually has great premieres and finales, and the buzz on the Season 7 finale does sound more reminiscent of the amazing Season 4 ender at Terminus than the disappointments of Season 3 and Season 6.

Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) has been doing his part to plug Episode 16, and he does make the finale sound pretty good in this interview with Entertainment Weekly:

"There's a palpable sense of energy and excitement in that final episode. I think that the crew felt it, this sort of brilliancy. And it was weird because it was the end of a long season and yet everybody was sort of champing at the bit to keep going. I've never felt that before in the show. Everybody was like, 'Yeah, darn it, let's do Season 8 now!' It was a really unique situation and everybody felt it. So I think if we get it right, it will be an incredibly satisfying ending to Season 7."

If we get it right.

Andy Lincoln does not watch the show, he just reads the scripts, so he probably doesn't know if they got it right or not. If only they had that same champing at the bit feeling earlier in Season 7, instead of just at the end. He has been open about his frustration with the first half of the season; he said he stands by telling the story that way, but it was not fun to shoot, and he understands why it was not fun for a lot of viewers to watch. But he also said there was a moment in the Season 7 finale script that made him do a little jig. So if he loved the finale, it does suggest better things.

Lennie James (Morgan Jones) teased that the finale has "a sexy moment," and showrunner Scott M. Gimple said the finale "has darkness and light, real horrific moments, betrayal, and real moments of beauty, redemption, love, and friendship. It's sort of the panoply of human and 'Walking Dead' experience." Gimple also said it's a "huge episode" -- it's supersized from 9 to 10:25 p.m. -- but it does have an actual ending. So no cliffhanger.

Gimple further emphasized that point last Friday at Paleyfest 2017. "The end of the season is very much the end of a chapter," he said, via EW. "It's very much a conclusion that promises this epic story ahead. It's about setting up this giant, epic tale to come, not only in Season 8, but beyond."

The Episode 16 finale, titled "The First Day of the Rest of Your Life," airs Sunday, April 2 with this synopsis: April 2, "The stakes continue to grow higher as paths cross; the group enacts an intricate plan."

"The Walking Dead" airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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