SKOREA-ENTERTAINMENT-MOVIE-AVENGERSShiny! Joss Whedon is reportedly crossing the superhero aisle from Marvel to DC to direct -- and write, and produce -- an as-yet-untitled Batgirl movie.

Variety posted the news, saying Whedon was "nearing a deal" on the DC Extended Universe project, so it's not 100 percent official yet. They added that the new project only originated in the past month.

Warner Bros. and DC just had a big presence at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, talking about upcoming DCEU movies "Wonder Woman,""Justice League," and "Aquaman." A Batman solo movie, "The Batman," is also in the works, along with "Gotham City Sirens," bringing back Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn from "Suicide Squad," along with DC's other leading bad girls. And Batgirl? No idea yet. But Variety said this standalone project "will also feature other characters from the world of Gotham."

Here's the DC Comics bio for Batgirl, aka Barbara Gordon:

"A prodigy ahead of her time? Check. Fought toe-to-toe with Gotham's most unsavory? Double-check. Bailed out the Dark Knight on countless occasions? Capital C check.

Batgirl is Barbara Gordon, a confident young woman as committed to justice as her father, Gotham City's top cop Commissioner Gordon. But when her overprotective Dad forbids her from joining the force, her admiration of Batman leads her to rebel the way crime-fighting rebels do in Gotham City: by picking up the mantle of the Bat.

An exceptional fighter and detective, Batgirl is also unparalleled in her computer skills. With a Utility Belt filled with Batarangs and her own Batcycle to speed her across the city, she pursues justice regardless of whether others—including Batman—wish her to. But Gotham's criminals are a ruthless and maniacal lot, and every moment she risks her neck means dancing closer to death."

Sources told Entertainment Weekly that this standalone movie will use the DC Comics "New 52" version of Batgirl as a starting point.

Whedon created the "Buffy" universe, "Dollhouse," and "Firefly," and most recently wrote and directed "The Avengers" and "Avengers: Age of Ultron" for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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