Jimmy Kimmel Live," the actor shared that what he really wants to do is "one of those gritty, Oscar-caliber biopics, where you really kind of lose yourself in a character."

Since he says "all the best personalities have had movies made about them," he went out and found his own person. Who happened to be sitting in the audience!

Dennis Baker was surprised to find out he was the subject of Evans's new movie. "Have you been stalking me?" he asked Evans when he learned the actor had been reading his emails. "No," Evans replied. "I've been researching you, Dennis -- for cinema."The trailer showed a lonely Evans (wearing the same pink polo shirt as the real Dennis) while critic quotes roll across the screen: "Chris Evans delivers the performance of a generation as Dennis. A broken, pathetic shell of a man with nothing to live for" (The New York Times). And "A man undeserving of love or human touch itself." (Newsweek).

Evans tries to kiss a woman who shies away, citing his inadequate man-junk and he yells,"I hate my penis!"

He's then seen tearfully eating a hamburger over his toilet -- which he fishes out even after he's accidentally dropped it in.

Shockingly, the real Dennis didn't like the trailer, objecting, "You made me look like a goober."

Evans pretends to be shocked. Of course, the move isn't real, but you can see him in "Gifted," which opens Friday.