Netflix is officially changing its ratings from stars to thumbs today, and fans are expressing their feelings by rating a new announcement video accordingly.

Some fans are happy to see thumbs up/thumbs down instead of stars, but change is often hard to accept at first (see Twitter attempting to do anything new).

On April 5, Netflix posted a video called "Introducing Thumbs," explaining their reasoning for the change, and comparing it to dating apps:

YouTube already has thumbs up and down -- as well as snarky comments like "F*ck Amy schumer," which was posted immediately, of course -- but so far more than twice as many viewers have rated the introduction video thumbs up instead of thumbs down.

Netflix made the change announcement in mid-March, with an exec saying they tested hundreds of thousands of members with the new method, resulting in 200 percent more ratings.

The stars system is still up as of this posting, but the thumbs are expected to roll out today, so just look for them and see how they work for you.

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