The mystery and conspiracy theories surrounding Tupac Shakur's death haven't gone away, but the upcoming biopic "All Eyez on Me" aims to tell the legendary rapper's untold story.

The first full trailer was released Thursday, and it takes us from his early days in New York all the way to his tragic end. The preview reminds us that Shakur (played by Demetrius Shipp Jr.) wasn't just chasing fame; he wanted to use his platform to share his message and he wasn't afraid to do it in unconventional ways.

"You got to enter in somebody's world in order to lead them out," he says at one point.

That's not to say there isn't a dark side, too. The trailer shows Jada Pinkett (Katerina Graham) coming to him with concerns about his actions, not to mention him serving time in prison. In spite of that, there's no denying that Shakur remains a fascinating figure.Shipp and Graham star alongside Lauren Cohan, Hill Harper, Jamal Woolard, Danai Gurira, Jamie Hector, and more.

"All Eyez on Me" is due out in theaters June 16.