Shia LaBeoufShia LaBeouf was kicked out of a Los Angeles-area bowling alley after a beef with a bartender, according to TMZ.

The celebrity gossip site reports that this all went down Wednesday night at Pinz in Studio City after the actor had been drinking beer for three hours.

Inside Jerry's Deli, which is connected to the bowling alley, he was captured on cell phone video arguing with a bartender who refused to serve him french fries. That's when he begins calling the guy "you "f***ing racist bitch." He accuses the bartender of trying to hit in the head with a bottle, then continues to yell at him as security escorts him to the door.

The actor was ejected from the premises still wearing his bowling shoes, but later returned to get his own shoes back, according to TMZ.

In January, the 30-year-old former "Transformers" star was accused of ripping the scarf off a Trump supporter and knocking him to the ground at an anti-Trump protest in Queens. The NY Post reports that assault charges stemming from the incident have been dropped for lack of evidence.

The bad news just keeps coming for Shia: Earlier this week, it was reported that his new movie, "Man Down," sold just three tickets so far during its UK run.

And a year ago, a guy was punched in the face for "looking exactly like Shia LaBeouf." This was shortly after the actor punched a fan in the face -- after the fan asked him to -- during a "social experiment" where he spent 24 hours in an elevator.