'Permission' Premiere - 2017 Tribeca Film FestivalWith "Beauty and the Beast" earning more than $1 billion at the global box office, it's no surprise that sequel speculation has begun. Star Dan Stevens doesn't know if a follow-up will happen, but if so, he wants to see more of his surly, horned character, the Beast.

Stevens chatted about sequel possibilities during a recent interview with Variety and he described the idea as "odd."

"I'm not sure what turn that would take," he told the publication.

That said, he shared that he's "open to offers" nonetheless. In particular, he'd like a chance to play the Beast again, not just his human counterpart.

"I'd kind of like to bring the Beast back," Stevens said.

The problem with that, of course, is that "Beauty and the Beast" ended with the Beast transforming back into his princely self. After the curse broke, he returned to his human form and got his happily ever after with Belle (Emma Watson). It doesn't really make sense for him to regress, even if it would make for an unexpected twist.

Whatever happens, Stevens has something to remember his character and the film by: The Beast's horns are currently mounted on plaques in his home. Strange, but kind of cool, right?

[via: Variety]