It's about to feel like 1996, because the titular song from "That Thing You Do!" is going to get stuck in your head.

Three of the members from the movie's band, The Wonders (also known as the Oneders), reunited for a performance at West Hollywood's Roxy Theatre on Tuesday night. Johnathon Schaech (Jimmy), Tom Everett Scott (Guy), and Ethan Embry (the bass player who never got a name) all took the stage, to the delight of fans. Although they were missing Steve Zahn (Lenny), they had the next best thing -- someone wearing a picture of his face.

Fellow "That Thing You Do!" stars Tom Hanks (Mr. White) and Liv Tyler (Faye) also missed out, but the gang didn't need to be complete to have fun. As Embry tweeted alongside a photo of the original three, they always "reunion hard."

Meyers, the reunion's instigator, according to EW, also shared his excitement. He described the event as "magical" and showed proof in the form of an video on Instagram.

He also revealed in a tweet that he couldn't stop smiling thanks to all of the comments about the importance of "That Thing You Do!"

What a Oneder-ful night.

[h/t: EW]