Netflix is bringing back the Spanish-language series "Ingobernable" ("Ungovernable") for a second season.

The streamer unveiled a video announcement Thursday, promising another round of political drama in 2018. "Ingobernable" Season 2 will bring us another 15 episodes, which means we'll get to see what happens to Emilia (Kate del Castillo), the fictional ex-first lady of Mexico. In Season 1, Emilia had to go on the run after her husband was assassinated and she became a primary suspect. And that was only the beginning.

From what we can glean from the new video, Season 2 will be just as intense; the announcement shows scenes of protesters (notably with the number 39 painted on their foreheads), violence, explosions, and general chaos. It also teases that Emilia will have to put up a fight to survive.

A specific release date for "Ingobernable" Season 2 hasn't yet been released, but expect the series to return to Netflix with more next year.

Ingobernable TV Show Poster
TVMAMarch 24, 2017

The first lady of Mexico, a woman of conviction and ideals, must uncover the truth when she loses faith in her husband. Read More