'Operation Chromite' Press Conference In SeoulIf you offer Liam Neeson a free sandwich, he will find you, and he will thank you.

The "Taken" star is in Vancouver, British Columbia to film his new movie "Hard Powder," and when the folks at Big Star Sandwich Co. heard about it, they put up a special sign just for him:

When you hear #LiamNeeson is filming in #downtownnewwest

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What happened next surprised them: He actually showed up.

Alex Johrden, director of operations, told the Huffington Post they never really expected to see the actor. But not only did he show up, Johrden said he walked in and asked the staff, in his intimidating voice, "Where's my free sandwich?" (Classic!)

"We're not sure how he saw the sign," Johrden told HuffPost. "We assume he heard it through the production crew, who had been in and out all day."

Neeson didn't have time to eat any of his free food, they said, he just stopped by long enough to take a photo with the ecstatic staff:

Holy f**k, it worked! #liamneeson

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However, they did name a sandwich after him, so hopefully Neeson can return and claim it as taken:

Now, of course, every restaurant in the world will try to do the same thing, for Liam Neeson or their own stars of choice.

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