Last night, Adam Scott's childhood dream came true, when Mark Hamill finally answered his birthday party invitation. Sure, the "Star Wars" icon was nearly 40 years late, but Scott still called it "one of the best moments of my life."

The "Parks and Recreation" and "Big Little Lies" star was on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" yesterday, which also happened to be Star Wars Day. Kristen Bell was guest host for Jimmy, who is taking time off to tend to his newborn son, and she got Adam to talk about his lifelong love for Star Wars. Adam, now 44, said he invited Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) to his birthday party back when "The Empire Strikes Back" was about to come out, which would've been in 1980.

So Adam wrote Mark Hamill a letter, asking him to the party, and kinda thought the actor might really show up. But he didn't. (Liam Neeson would've.) Adam said he wasn't crushed, he imagined Hamill must've been incredibly busy. In the middle of telling his story, the "Star Wars" theme music started playing, and Adam was visibly surprised. They cut to Mark Hamill, with a lightsaber in hand, coming in from backstage.

Adam Scott's reaction. He was all of us. You can tell he's a real fan, and that was real shock.

Watch and love:

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