Everyone knows how much Tom Cruise loves doing his own stunts. We've seen some insane behind-the-scenes footage of his daring feats in the "Mission: Impossible" movies. And now, he's bringing that devil-may-care attitude to stunt work in "The Mummy."

This featurette provides a sneak peek at the filming of the movie, with Cruise grinning like a madman as he bashes his head into walls, gets flung around and thrown out of a car, and runs on a building as it collapses.

"We want it to be wild, violent, erratic and spontaneous," Cruise says.

His co-stars both marvel and shake their heads in dismay at Cruise's dedication. "I say to Tom Cruise, 'let's pull the plug on this one, my dude. Let's bail out!'" Jake Johnson says of the aforementioned building collapse set-piece. "Then there's going to be that adrenaline crush and you're going to love it, and then you're going to go, 'Let's go again!'"

"The Mummy" opens in theaters June 9.