Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this, but "American Idol" Season 1 winner to potential Season 16 judge.

ABC is relaunching "American Idol" for a 2018 premiere, and TMZ says Clarkson is the network's No. 1 choice to be a judge. They said she's not only interested, her team is already looking to clear her schedule for filming. TMZ said Disney World in Florida and possibly Disneyland in California will be home base for auditions, instead of having the judges travel from city to city.

Ryan Seacrest is "almost certainly" going to host again, TMZ reports, which is a different tune from the last reports that said he wouldn't be able to do it unless filming was in New York, where he'll be shooting "Live" with Kelly Ripa. But Ryan Seacrest is not one to turn down his 9 millionth job, and he's already working at ABC now, so he's apparently in.

TMZ also said they heard ABC is considering a once-a-week format for the show, with results from voting to be shown the following week (kind of like the current format of "Dancing With the Stars"?).

Whatever happens, Kelly Clarkson is pretty much the perfect choice as judge. She's a bridge from the original "American Idol" to the new one, she knows this world better than anyone, she knows what will be expected from stars when they leave, and she's honest but fair and very sweet. She wouldn't crush any spirits, unlike Simon Cowell.

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