"The Walking Dead" Season 8 is barely a week into filming and we already have our first "Oops, I guess I shouldn't have posted that?" photo from set. Huzzah!

The photo in question isn't a major spoiler if you follow "The Walking Dead" comic books, but it does reveal a detail that The Powers That Be would probably prefer to keep a surprise until they are ready to reveal it, either in the premiere episode itself or at least in an official trailer/clip.

But we can't blame actor Daniel Newman -- who plays Daniel, a soldier in The Kingdom -- for being excited enough to post the photo. We'd do the same if we got to hang out with Andrew "Rick Grimes" Lincoln, plus and Jeremy Palko, who plays Hilltop resident Andy.

Newman posted the photo to Instagram, then deleted it when he or someone else noticed the spoiler details that they are standing in the Sanctuary, which gives away the plot point that Team Rick brings the fight to Negan in the big 100th episode, aka the premiere. The Internet saves all, though, and a Redditorposted the image along with more spoiler details on the premiere.

It's not that much of a spoiler, though, since "The Walking Dead" comic has reached All Out War, and Issue 115 includes Rick and company heading to the Sanctuary -- not that the comic and TV are always on the same page when it comes to storylines, and the details are likely to change again.


If you want more rumored -- just rumored -- spoilers, here's a premiere rundown from Reddit, with details from The Spoiling Dead Fans:

According to TSDF, the premiere episode will showcase Rick and Carl's relationship, pay homage to the opening scene of the show, and features the first battle between the Allied Forces and the Saviors.

1) Rick and Carl at the gas station as cold open

2) ASZ scenes as flashback when Rick says they're attacking today (and saying goodbye to Michonne)

3) Hilltop/Kingdom/Sanctuary scenes as flashbacks when they preparing

4) Rick leads the attack

5) Carl leads the remainder of the herd from 7.09

6) Explosions

7) The Sanctuary attack

The plan is to attack the Saviors and trap them inside of the sanctuary using the herd.

I'm not sure if the Sanctuary attack will carry over into the second episode.

They haven't finished shooting the premiere but there are already images of Carl and Rick shooting their scenes, most of everything else has been at the studio or other interior work.

They linked to more photos of Rick and Carl.

"The Walking Dead" Season 8 premieres in October.

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