Even the best of us make mistakes, and professional though he is, Ryan Seacrest is only human.

The new "LIVE with Kelly and Ryan" co-host made a funny gaffe Wednesday when he confused "Transparent" star Jeffrey Tambor with fellow actor Vincent Shiavelli. The mistake came when Seacrest asked Tambor about his role in "Ghost," forcing Tambor to break the news that not only was he not in the film, but also that Schiavelli is no longer alive.

Luckily, the moment was more funny than awkward. Tambor turned it into a joke and got them to put up a picture of Schiavelli, saying, "Look! Spitting image, right?"

He then changed tack and started mock shaming Seacrest for the error.

"What is wrong with you?" he said. "I came on to sell a book, not to be insulted."

It turns out, though, this isn't the first time that someone has been convinced Tambor was the 1990 film's subway ghost. He shared the story of a time a waiter in Rome started impersonating Schiavelli's character, leaving Tambor totally confused about what was going on.

Watch the hilarious exchange below.