Say what you will about "The Walking Dead" Season 7's ratings dip, but AMC isn't worried.

The most recent season of the horror drama series didn't bring in the ratings the network has become accustomed to in recent years, but CEO Josh Sapan made it clear Thursday that he has faith in "The Walking Dead" and doesn't see it going anywhere anytime soon. He wrote off the drop as "some minor erosion" while speaking to analysts, THR reports.

"It's pretty alive and vital," he said of the show, "and there's a long time that we're going to be playing with 'The Walking Dead.'"

Sapan's reassurances are valid. Although Season 7's ratings did rank below all but the first two seasons of the show, according to Deadline, it still made an impressive showing. The Season 7 finale, for example, topped its competition that week. On top of that, viewership for the season as a whole beat out popular series like "Empire" and "The Big Bang Theory," according to Sapan. He doesn't seem to have any qualms about the show's upcoming eighth season.

Rest assured: This definitely isn't the ratings version of the zombie apocalypse.

[via: THR]