BACHELORETTE 13 - "Episode 1301" - Accomplished Texas attorney Rachel Lindsay takes a recess from the courtroom to start her search for happily ever after in the 13th edition of ABC's hit series, "The Bachelorette," premiering at a special time, MONDAY, MAY 22 (9:01-11:00 p.m. EDT), on The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Paul Hebert)RACHEL LINDSAY, LUCAS"The Bachelorette" fans are already mad at Rachel Lindsay for giving a premiere night rose to "Whaboom" Lucas instead of hot Marine/our early Bachelor 2018 choice Blake K, or literally anyone else. Anyone at all.

Lucas showed up in a "Whaboom" T-shirt and did that annoying face-wiggling "Whaaaaaboooooom" for Rachel right out of the limo. She didn't seem impressed, and the guys inside weren't impressed when Lucas did it a thousand more times, quickly dubbing him the "crazy" one. When Rachel gave Lucas her final rose, she didn't look thrilled about it. Many viewers were shocked by the choice, and -- cynical after so many seasons of "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" -- assumed the producers asked her to keep Lucas around for drama.

"I think people are going to think that," Rachel told E! News after the May 22 premiere. "I am so opinionated and direct, they couldn't make me do anything."

So why did she keep Lucas over eight other guys?

"I said I wanted to be entertained the first night, and that he did!"


Rachel said she still doesn't really understand what "Whaboom" is, but she knows it's part of who Lucas is. She also tweeted this, which isn't exactly a glowing endorsement:

Blake K supporters replied to Rachel, demanding answers, and kept up their Bachelor/Bachelor in Paradise campaigns across Twitter. Sigh. We're still rooting for you, man!

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