The Honest Trailer for "Logan" gets an extra dose of honesty, courtesy of pal Deadpool!

Ryan Reynolds popped in as the foul-mouthed mutant merc for the Screen Junkies' "Deadpool" Honest Trailer and he makes another cameo in their 200th episode about the final Wolverine movie.

But as usual, Deadpool isn't one to play nice or cooperate. "Are you high? I'm not gonna s--- on 'Logan,'" the superhero says. "That film is a f---ing masterpiece. If Jackman doesn't get an Oscar nom, I'm setting every VHS copy of 'Crash' on fire."

In the months leading up to "Logan's" release, Reynolds and Jackman razzed each other and riffed about their characters through social media.

The Honest Trailer does its usual snarky routine, calling Patrick Stewart's Charles Xavier "The Nutty Professor" and Boyd Holbrook's Pierce "Steampunk Colonel Sanders."

Reynolds-as-Deadpool also came up with a great idea for a future movie.

"I do endorse ['Logan' director] James Mangold to make 'Old Man Deadpool' in 2038," he says. "Oh man, how good would that be? Just 90 minutes of Cable and I changing each other's ... space diapers."