"Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" won over many fans and critics, but there's no avoiding The Force of Screen Junkies and the brilliant sarcasm of their Honest Trailers.

The new "Rogue One" video is a 6-minute dissection of "what has to be the most money anyone's ever spent to fill in a plot hole," featuring the same old incompetence from the Stormtroopers, various old dudes squabbling over who gets credit for the Death Star, and not-so-rebellious heroes like Jyn Erso -- "the rebellious rebel who rebels so hard she does whatever her dad tells her, whatever her surrogate dad tells her, and whatever her new co-worker tells her."

The Honest Trailer did have some compliments, though, including praise for K-2SO as the only one with any personality, despite not being human. They also honored the cool "Star Wars" Easter eggs packed into a movie that's basically exists as "the world's biggest budget fan film." And they also took time to highlight various scenes that did not make the final cut but were showcased heavily in the marketing.

Watch the trailer:

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