ABC has yet to comment on the latest "The Bachelorette" controversy, but host Chris Harrison is not ignoring fans's biggest question.

By now, you've probably heard about Lee Garrett, one of Rachel Lindsay's future ex-boyfriends, currently still attempting to win her heart. His Twitter is now set to private, but fans dug up some tweets with Lee's colorful commentary on race and gender. Fans were left to wonder why ABC picked him for the show -- especially for the first black bachelorette -- and if they knew about his tweets before casting him.

Chris Harrison addressed the question of how much the show knew in advance:

Of course, now he's facing questions about how they could not have known, when contestants go through extensive screening, and others have mentioned producers looking into their social media. But if Harrison is distancing the show from Lee and his tweets, it doesn't bode well for Lee going on "Bachelor in Paradise," if that was ever an option.

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