Filming is underway on "Code 8," the movie that CW stars Robbie and Stephen Amell funded via Indiegogo, but the brothers are asking for even more help to help supersize their sci-fi project.

In a video from the set in Toronto, Robbie (Ronnie Raymond on "The Flash") thanked fans for their support and said, "Everything is going amazing." He asked for more donations, saying, "The more money we raise, the bigger the movie will be."

Stephen (who stars on "Arrow") said, "Even if we only raise $5, we're still going to make the movie and it's going to be spectacular." He joked, "Rob won't get paid, but..."

Perks for contributing to the campaign include hoodies from the movie, the chance to be an extra, and "tons of giveaways." Not to mention "Code 8" socks!

Last year, the Amells raised more than $1.7 million thanks to 20,201 Indiegogo backers, Variety reports.

The premise: "Code 8" is set in a world where people with supernatural abilities are discriminated against and often resort to crime. Robbie's character is struggling to pay for his ailing mother's medical needs and is lured into a lucrative criminal world by Stephen's character, who works for a drug lord.

Jeff Chan, who previously made "Grace: The Possession," is directing. The cast includes Sung Kang of the "Fast and the Furious" franchise and Kari Matchett ("Covert Affairs").

Stephen tweeted that the film is off to a "really terrific start."

Look for the film to be released in 2019.