Get ready to see some new faces in Seattle! The planned "Grey's Anatomy" spinoff revolving around firefighters is going to feature all-new characters.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, none of the current regulars on "Grey's Anatomy" are likely to move over to the spinoff. Fans had speculated that Jason George, who plays resident Ben Warren, might star in the spinoff, since he worked closely with firefighters in the season finale. But it seems Shonda Rhimes is opting to focus on new faces.

While the news of the spinoff came as a surprise during ABC's upfronts presentation to advertisers, it's been in the works for some time.

"he discussions have been going on for a while — earlier than this season. It was up to Shonda to tell us when she had inspiration for something that made sense, which was pretty recent," ABC Studios president Patrick Moran told THR.

"We talked about the elements of 'Grey's Anatomy' that seem to resonate with the audience — emotional storytelling, deep human connection, a high-stakes environment and strong and empowered women — and those elements will carry over to the spinoff."

The firefighters project is the second spinoff of "Grey's Anatomy," after "Private Practice." And Rhimes has had other spinoff ideas, like one about Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) and his history in the military.