ENTERTAINMENT-US-CINEMA-WONDER WOMAN-PREMIERE-ARRIVALSYaron Varsano clearly knows he's lucky to be married to "Wonder Woman" star Gal Gadot. You can see his pride all over Instagram, with photos of Gadot and their children.

Late last week, he showed off his new T-shirt, putting his Wonder Woman wife above all others:

#mywife #therealwonderwoman ❤️

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Most fans absolutely loved the shirt, appreciating a husband doting on his wife. The shirt is available for others, it's not custom made for Mr. Wonder Woman, so other husbands or wives can show support for their Wonder-ful wife.

However, because the Internet is contrary by nature, a very small percentage took issue with the shirt as "problematic" because it insults other wives. Those people were shouted down, though, with fans writing variations of "this is how a husband should feel about their own wife. not getting offended with it. duh ???????? im looking for the same shirt for my husband."

(When your husband wears it, maybe try to remove the bar code at the bottom?)

Absolutely. We should probably expect to see that T-shirt pop up again next Mother's Day, and on individual anniversaries.

FYI, here's the story of how Gadot and Versano met, which shows he knew very early on that he'd be crazy to let her go.

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