Justin TherouxNow here's an eye-catching "For Your Consideration" campaign: A nearly naked The Leftovers" star will lose those sweatpants if he (or anyone else on the show) gets an Emmy nomination for the HBO series.

It didn't come from Theroux himself, but from exec producer Damon Lindelof. In an Instagram post showing the actor wearing only a pair of sweatpants, Lindelof wrote, "Nominate Theroux and the sweatpants go away." He then shared a photo of costar Carrie Coon crying, with the same promise.

Because the takeaway from the now-wrapped, thought-provoking show isn't to challenge our spiritual beliefs or anything like that. This whole time, it was only about Theroux's abs. (Lindelof has previously talked about how "passionate" he is about "normalizing male nudity on TV.")

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Here's one of director Mimi Leder with (still shirtless) Theroux, saying, "Nominate Mimi, because she is an incredible director. Also, here is Theroux with his twelve-pack!" We get the idea, Damon!

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And also one for co-star Christopher Eccleston, who's now also lusting for Theroux's character.

Lastly, Lindelof posted a post promoting Ann Dowd (with a fully dressed Theroux), that said, "Patti Levin gives zero effs about sweatpants." He also apologized for "for flooding y'all's feeds, but recognition needs to be given to these fantastic artists. I'm done now."

[Via The Wrap]