'Five Came Back' World PremiereLove the '80s? Then the first look at Steven Spielberg's "Ready Player One" will stoke your nostalgia.

Entertainment Weekly debuted the image, which is chock-full of Easter eggs. The movie is based on Ernest Cline's sci-fi novel and is set in a dystopian world where people escape the ravaged environment through a virtual reality game called OASIS.

In the photo, the protagonist, Wade (Tye Sheridan), is wearing VR goggles and haptic gloves as he plays the game under the handle Parzival. He's searching for a valuable Easter egg which could net him a huge fortune.Ready Player One

Wade is in his private sanctuary, a junk van in the "stacks" — literally, stacks of trailer homes — where he lives with his aunt and uncles.

The walls of the van are adorned with newspaper and magazine covers depicting the creators of OASIS, James Halliday (Mark Rylance), and Ogden Morrow (Simon Pegg).

There's a lot of '80s paraphernalia; Wade obsessively researches movies, TV shows, and music from the era that are mentioned in Halliday journal. You can spot a Garbage Pail Kids sticker and "Star Trek" and "Masters of the Universe" lunchboxes.

"Ready Player One" is due in theaters March 2018.