"The Room" has the dubious distinction of being perhaps the worst movie ever made in history. Naturally, it has a fervent cult following.

James Franco's new directorial effort, "The Disaster Artist," tells the story of how "The Room" got made. He plays star/director Tommy Wiseau, and this first teaser trailer pokes fun at Tommy's inability to remember a line. Weary script supervisor Sandy (Seth Rogen) and encouraging co-star/line producer Greg (Dave Franco) watch as Tommy does take after take after take ... all in his unique accent.

While the teaser is funny, the movie doesn't treat Tommy as a joke. Instead, Franco has said he wanted to honor the dedication that went into the project, as well as the passion it has inspired in fans.

At South by Southwest, he explained, "Where I really respected that he came out to Hollywood like so many thousands or millions of people have done and got this movie made. I always said I had so much respect for him but maybe I thought, 'Well, some of the behavior sounded a little insane on the set.' But the more I sat with this movie and in post[-production] and going through my own stuff, like, I am Tommy Wiseau. I relate to him so much, in ways I don't even want to admit."

"The Disaster Artist" opens in limited release December 1.