Comic-Con International 2017 - 20th Century FOX PanelChanning Tatum feels "lucky" that his "X-Men" standalone movie "Gambit" has been delayed long enough that it will arrive in a post-"Deadpool" and post-"Logan" world. Those R-rated movies broke a lot of barriers, and even though Tatum told Yahoo Movies he still hopes his "Gambit" will be PG-13, he wants to take some inspiration from the bold new direction of the X-verse.

Tatum talking to Yahoo during San Diego Comic-Con, while promoting "Kingsman: The Golden Circle," and the conversation turned to the progress with "Gambit."

"We got really lucky. We had a first draft it was good, but we were coming to it at a time at that creative phase of [the X-Men], where these movies went through a bit of a paradigm shift, where the X-Men movies and the superhero movies with Logan and Deadpool really broke down a lot of doors for us. We were trying to do some things that we actually weren't allowed to do, and they just smashed down the doors, so we're giving it a bit of a rethink."

He was asked about an R rating, but clarified, "We're not quite going there, because I enjoyed Gambit as a kid so I don't want to rule out PG-13."

"Gambit" has seen several rounds of setbacks and delays, but this actually sounds pretty hopeful. But we'll see. In the meantime, there's certainly enough going on everywhere else in the X-verse, from "Deadpool 2" to "Dark Phoenix," "New Mutants," and "X-Force."

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