If little Billy Kimmel can smile this big after all he's been through, that should inspire the rest of us.

Molly McNearney gave birth to William John "Billy" Kimmel on April 21, but Billy's dad, late night host Jimmy Kimmel, told fans the little guy was born with a congenital heart disease. Billy had heart surgery at 3-days-old, and that was a success, but the family was told he'd need another surgery in three to six months, and then another one in his early teens.

So far, though, things seem to be going well. Kimmel and McNearney both shared photos of their son on his 3-month-birthday, and in both photos he has the brightest, most joyous smile.

Billy's parents have been vocal about promoting affordable health care for all, to help families who might not be as financially comfortable as themselves. The couple also have a 3-year-old daughter, Jane, and Kimmel has two older children, Katie and Kevin, from his first marriage.

Last we saw Jane, she was less than impressed with the whole new baby bro situation, but hopefully that has changed in the past three months:

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