Even though "Westworld" Season 2 isn't due to premiere till 2018, HBO is already teasing us with new footage.

The premium network debuted a first-look trailer during San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday, and there is already more carnage, including a tiger corpse. That is not the only creepy part; blood pops up multiple times in the preview -- on paper, on the floor, and on people. Not that that's a surprise, of course.

Since the trailer comes so far in advance, the footage is fairly limited. However, we did get interesting glimpses, including of Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) gunning down people from the back of a horse as well as the Man in Black's blood-spattered face.

"Westworld" Season 1 drew 22 Emmy nominations this year, so Season 2 will look to create similar success. Settle in, though, because it's going to be a long wait till the show returns in 2018.