Jaeger-LeCoultre For Gold Cup Polo FinalFacial hair, apparently, is Warner Bros. kryptonite.

A new report from Variety details the various headaches arising from the extensive "Justice League" reshoots, from a ballooning budget to how to credit Joss Whedon, who stepped in for Zack Snyder when the latter exited the project in March after his daughter's suicide.

And one of those headaches? A mustache. And not the kind twirled by villains.

Henry Cavill, who plays Superman, is also currently filming "Mission: Impossible 6," for which he grew facial hair. Variety notes he had been expected to be done with that project, but now has to juggle filming on both movies. And Paramount refuses to allow Cavill to shave, which means Warner Bros. has to shell out even more money to digitally remove it in post-production.

Though, how cool would a Super 'Stache be?

"Justice League" hits theaters November 17.