Swimming - Olympics: Day 8Michael Phelps's races usually end in cheers, but his most recent one brought a slew of complaints instead.

After the heavily decorated Olympic swimmer signed on to appear in Discovery's annual Shark Week programming earlier this year, the network suggested that he'd be racing a shark. As the week's kickoff on Sunday night drew closer, promos indicated as much as well. However, the race that the show delivered turned out to be different than what many viewers had in mind.

When people realized that Phelps and the shark were not in the water together, they found a common outlet for their disappointment and anger: Twitter. There, many lamented the fact that Shark Week used a simulation. Some didn't care about safety at all, while others argued the network could have found a better way to make the race happen and still kept Phelps out of harm's way.

Overall, people seemed more concerned with how the race was set up than its outcome. Phelps lost by 2 seconds, even while wearing a special suit and fin, so we'd say that shark deserves a medal.

[via: Twitter]