Rachel Lindsay is firing back after "The Bachelorette" edited her engagement conversation with Peter Kraus to an extent that left everyone confused.

Last night's (July 24) episode ended on a cliffhanger, during Rachel and Peter's "devastating" conversation about whether he would or would not propose in the August 7 finale. The show will be doing the "Men Tell All" next week, so we won't see the fallout from this talk, or find out who Rachel picked, for two weeks. She still has to dump one of her final three -- Peter, Eric Bigger, or Bryan Abasolo -- somewhere along the way.

So far, fans LOVE to look at dreamy Peter, even if he's a bit formal and personality-challenged, and respect his caution when it comes to maybe not proposing after just a few dates. Rachel seems smitten with Bryan, but fans agree with her family that he comes off as insincere. Eric is still there, too.

ABC knew what it was doing to cut the episode during Rachel and Peter's talk, since the fandom is kind of split between Team Pachel for end game and Team Peter for Bachelor.

Peter basically let Rachel know he's not ready to propose to her, because to him an engagement means marriage and he only wants to propose (on "The Bachelor") and get married once. He's taking it all seriously. Rachel's reaction to that was a source of confusion to fans, because she said she didn't see engagement the same way. She didn't want to leave with just a boyfriend -- doing the old school "let's just see where this goes in the real world" -- she wanted more of a demonstrative commitment than that, but not necessarily jumping into marriage. Or something.

The conversation left fans a bit confused, and Rachel jumped on Twitter to clarify:

If Peter doesn't want what she wants, or doesn't want it with her, then he might be out. Rachel got very defensive for Bryan when her family didn't like him, and that has actually been a good sign for past Chosen Ones, so the road may still be leading to Bryan as Rachel's current fiancé. (She did confirm, back in May, that she was engaged and happy.)

FYI, if you're a spoilers person, the original spoiler changed after a few weeks. So far, the new one has not changed. And that one does give us hope about who'll be the 2018 Bachelor.

"The Bachelorette" finale will air Monday, August 7 on ABC.

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