Some day the bards will sing of MustacheGate, and "Mission: Impossible 6" director Christopher McQuarrie swears that in exactly one year we'll understand why it's happening.

You probably read that Henry Cavill's mustache for "M:I6" is causing problems for the "Justice League" reshoots, and Warner Bros. will have to digitally remove the stache so Clark Kent doesn't look like Clark Gable.

The report included the note that Paramount is refusing to allow Cavill to shave for his mysterious "Mission: Impossible" role. Director McQuarrie referenced the kerfuffle on Twitter, aiming to defend the decision not to ax the stache for Superman:


M:I6 is scheduled to open, as promised, about a year from now on July 27, 2018. Meanwhile, "Justice League" and its reshoots/digital-mustache-erasing is cutting things pretty close, since the movie opens in just a few months on November 17.

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