Everyone knew a "Wonder Woman" sequel was coming, but not during what's typically considered Oscars (and Star Wars) season. "Wonder Woman 2" is taking advantage of Lucasfilm's decision to release "Star Wars: Episode IX" in May 2019 instead of December, leaving room for Diana Prince to be a surprise Christmas present.

"Wonder Woman" arrived in June 2017, in the usual summer tentpole landscape of most superhero movies. Every so often, there's an exception -- like "Deadpool" in February -- but not usually December, unless the words "Star Wars" are attached.

But on the heels of "Wonder Woman 2" confirmation at Comic-Con, Warner Bros. has released that movie's official premiere date: December 13, 2019.

As Collider noted:

"That puts it opening one week before the 'Masters of the Universe' reboot and a little over a week before the highly anticipated musical adaptation 'Wicked,' but as of now 'Wonder Woman 2' is the only superhero movie set for release in December of that year."

And the date could always change. "Wonder Woman" herself changed dates, although still in June. But after the massive success of the first film, the sequel could show up anywhere on the calendar and fans would find it.

There is no Wonder Woman without star Gal Gadot, but you could argue the same for director Patty Jenkins. Jenkins is expected to return to direct the sequel, but Warner Bros.'s announcement didn't include her name, so she must still be negotiating her deal. (Show her the $$$.)

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