The truth is right here: "The X-Files" Season 11, and we're already worried about Scully.

Taping started August 4 in Vancouver, What's Filming reported, with Duchovny teasing his location on August 3:

Anderson had even more fun with her August 4 tease, showing off her wig to play Scully:

Some fans joked that it must be Mitch Pileggi's new wig as Skinner, but nope.

Gillian Anderson returned to Twitter on Monday to celebrate her #1 co-star's 57th birthday:

Love them. So much.

TVLine posted some scoop on Season 11, with some troubling news on Scully:

"Hearing buzz that Scully won't be in the best of shape when 'The X-Files' picks up. Also, much like the last revival, rumor has it Season 11 will be bookended by heavy (and hopefully less contrived/cheesy) mythology episodes written and directed by series creator Chris Carter."

The mythology episodes are the favorites of some fans, but they were not very well received last year. Instead, fans gravitated more toward eps like "Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster."

Annabeth Gish also posted a photo teasing her return as Monica Reyes, who appeared in Season 10, Episode 6, aka the finale of the short revival.

Shall we? #iwanttobelieve????#monicareyes #xfiles

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"The X-Files" Season 11 will up the episode count to 10. FOX is scheduling it for midseason 2018.

[via: Den of Geek]

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