Opening in theaters on June 14th is the new movie ‘Reverse the Curse’, which is based on the novel ‘Bucky F*cking Dent’ written by David Duchovny (‘The X-Files’ and ‘House of D’).

The film was also written and directed by Duchovny and stars himself, Logan Marshall-Green (‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’), Stephanie Beatriz (‘In the Heights’), Evan Handler (‘Sex and the City’) and Pamela Adlon (‘Bumblebee’).

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David Duchovny Talks 'Reverse the Curse'.

David Duchovny Talks 'Reverse the Curse'.

Moviefone recently had the pleasure of speaking with David Duchovny about his work on ‘Reverse the Curse’, adapting his own novel, the relationship between the characters, and the challenges of acting and directing at the same time.

You can read the full interview below or click on the video player above to watch our interviews with Duchovny, Logan Marshall-Green and Stephanie Beatriz.

Logan Marshall-Green and David Duchovny 'Reverse the Curse'.

(L to R) Logan Marshall-Green and David Duchovny 'Reverse the Curse'. Photo: Vertical.

Moviefone: To begin with, can you talk about the challenges of adapting your own novel into a screenplay and were the themes you explored as an author the same as the themes you wanted to explore as a filmmaker, or did those ideas change along the way?

David Duchovny: Well, I'll say that I first wrote it as a screenplay, then as a novel. Then I rewrote the screenplay after I wrote the novel. So, it was a long process of figuring out that story. Movies and books do things differently. They have different strong points. So, it was trying to translate first the screenplay into a novel. Then the depth that I was able to bring to the novel, try to bring that back into the movie and still maintain the emotional power of it. The difficulties in that were none. I didn't feel like there were difficulties. I knew the story. I knew it had power. I knew that if I could find the right tone and I had the right actors, who were both funny and deep, which my two actors are, then I knew I would be able to pull it off, even if I only had 20 days and only had so much money or whatever. Once I had Logan and Stephanie on board, there wasn't much of a problem. Days were a problem because we all had to go fast and there were hiccups and everything, but there wasn't a creative problem really after that.

Logan Marshall-Green and Stephanie Beatriz 'Reverse the Curse'.

(L to R) Logan Marshall-Green and Stephanie Beatriz 'Reverse the Curse'. Photo: Vertical.

MF: Can you talk about the friendship that Marty and Ted form with Marianna, and do you think they relate to her because they are as brokenhearted as she is?

DD: I think what's interesting is what happened during the shooting of the movie. Remember, a lot must happen between Stephanie and Logan in a short amount of time because they've got this little romcom happening during this dance of death that's going on. But I don't have 90 minutes of rom com. I've got basically seven or eight minutes of romcom within this film. I was really struggling with, I don't want it to be too easy, and yet, it can't be too hard. I wanted to rewrite a couple of the scenes that they had. I think the first weekend we had off, I rewrote it, and I found this line for Stephanie, which was, "Just because you get shot doesn't mean you have to die." What’s so weird is that I would've written a screenplay, written a novel, and never written that line before, but really that is the heart of her character. In many ways, the heart of the movie is in that line, which is just because you've been hurt, you don't have to give up.

David Duchovny and Logan Marshall-Green 'Reverse the Curse'.

(L to R) David Duchovny and Logan Marshall-Green 'Reverse the Curse'. Photo: Vertical.

MF: Finally, as an actor, you have some very emotional scenes in the movie. Was it difficult focusing and emotionally preparing for those scenes while you're also directing the movie and working with the cast and the crew?

DD: Yeah, but that's the gig. You know that going in. That's hard for any actor. You drive into work, you've got a family, your kid needs you, and you've got to go do a scene. The Titanic's going down, whatever, you've got to do it. So that's the job. That's the hard part of the job, whatever's happening, whatever job you need to do. If you've got to do that scene where your heart is coming out of your mouth, then that's what you've got to do. When we shot that scene by the roadside, I didn't sweat it too much. I got there and I was like, "Oh, now I've got to do this. This is the heart of the character. The heart of the movie in many ways is this moment." I think that that might've been helpful for me. I didn't have time to think, "Oh, if I don't pull this off, I've got no movie." Just saying that, I get nervous in retrospect, but I wasn't nervous then because I wasn't thinking that way.

Reverse the Curse

"Even losers get lucky sometimes"
Not Yet Rated1 hr 45 minJun 14th, 2024

What is the plot of ‘Reverse the Curse’?

Reverse the Curse follows Ted (Logan Marshall-Green), a failed writer-turned-Yankees Stadium peanut slinger who moves back home after learning of the failing health of his Red Sox-obsessed father, Marty (David Duchovny). While Marty strives to make amends for his past, his health drops abruptly whenever his beloved Sox lose a game. To keep his dad’s spirits up, Ted takes matters into his own hands and manufactures a winning streak with the help of a crew of dad’s neighborhood pals. In the process, Ted strikes up a bond with Marty’s charming “Death Specialist,” Marianna (Stephanie Beatriz), and the prospect of a new love reignites his ambitions. An ode to the bond between father and son, this warm and witty film demonstrates how life truly belongs to the losers, and that the longshots are the ones worth betting on.

Who is in the cast of ‘Reverse the Curse’?

Logan Marshall-Green and David Duchovny 'Reverse the Curse'.

(L to R) Logan Marshall-Green and David Duchovny 'Reverse the Curse'. Photo: Vertical.

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