No surprise -- "13 Reasons Why" Season 2 is going to wreck us emotionally.

The cast is still keeping the plot under wraps, but stars Katherine Langford (Hannah), Dylan Minnette (Clay), and Steven Silver (Marcus) did tease some interesting information while speaking to ET during Tuesday's Power of Young Hollywood event in Los Angeles. Based on what they had to say, it will be another emotional roller coaster.

Picking up a few months after Hannah's suicide, the season is "a lot about recovery," according to Minnette. The teens will still be dealing with the aftermath of her death, and to nobody's surprise, that's going to be intense.

"It's naturally going to progressively get to a more emotional place, due to the nature of the story we're telling," Minnette told ET. "I'm sure we're all heading in some dark directions again."

Silver described the upcoming season as "juicy" and added that they "hit the ground running" after establishing the framework in Season 1. Apparently, that will change the feel of the series.

"This season feels like a very different show," Langford told EW.

One reason for that may be the fact that "13 Reasons Why" has officially used up its source material, Jay Asher's bestselling young adult novel.

"We're starting from scratch and you can see some of the other characters develop that were not so developed in Season 1 or in the book," Silver said. "You can see more of an ensemble."

The ensemble has grown since Season 1. Earlier this week, reports came that seven new characters will be involved. They'll be part of the emotional story, which is expected to follow a lawsuit that Hannah's parents bring against Liberty High.

"13 Reasons Why" Season 2 will premiere on Netflix in 2018.

[via: ET]