ENTERTAINMENT-US-CINEMA-THE MUMMYNo mission is really impossible for Tom Cruise, but his action star body is 55-years-old now, and maybe he should go easy on it.

Cruise is currently filming "Mission: Impossible 6" in London, and -- as usual -- he's doing his own stunts. However, onlookers got footage of what looks like a stunt-gone-wrong, with Cruise missing a jump landing and instead banging into a building. He's then seen limping before he returns, presumably to either ice the wound or just do it again.

Watch the stunt:

Ouch. It doesn't look like that was the way they planned it ... although it would be realistic for the story if every now and then Ethan Hunt did miss a landing. Maybe that's the twist here?

There have been no updates at this point from Cruise or director Christopher McQuarrie, but stunt injuries can't be new for Cruise. He's probably fine -- he didn't look like he needed serious medical attention -- but since he was limping, that might necessitate some slight changes to the stunt plans.

The Hollywood Reporter just had a story on 50-year-old superheroes and the "new challenges" they present for fitness gurus. Tom Cruise isn't the only superstar over 50 still out there in fighting mode. There's Robert Downey Jr. (52) as Iron Man, Vin Diesel (50), Keanu Reeves (52), and more.

Recovery time is slower for someone 45 vs. 25, the story notes, but Cruise's fitness should help him.

"While muscle mass does tend to decrease with age, a condition known as sarcopenia, the rate is quite small, less than 1 percent per year," David Kingsbury, who has trained Hugh Jackman for the past five years, told THR in their report. "Age is often given as an excuse, but a fit 65-year-old can easily outperform a lazy 25-year-old."

"Mission: Impossible 6" is scheduled to open in theaters July 27th, 2018.

[h/t: TMZ]

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