Rumors have been swirling for years now over whether or not Daniel Craig will suit up again as James Bond, with the answer varying wildly depending on the day of the week (or who's the hot new candidate to take over the role). Today, there still isn't any concrete news on that front, though the actor himself has finally commented on the issue, insisting that he hasn't made up his mind yet whether to reprise the role -- and that money is not a factor in his decision-making process.

That was the word from Craig when he spoke to Boston radio show Morning Magic on Tuesday, while promoting his new flick "Logan Lucky." The actor also touched upon the Bond issue, noting, "No decision has been made at the moment" about a potential return as 007.

"There's a lot of noise out there and nothing official has been confirmed and I'm not, like, holding out for more money or doing anything like that," Craig told the hosts. "It's just all very personal decisions to be made at the moment. ... I know they're desperate to get going and I would in theory love to do it, but there is no decision, uh, just yet."

Those comments echo the last time the actor talked about Bond, when he said back in October of 2016 that he would "miss it terribly" if he abandoned the character. It's unclear what's been holding up Craig's decision for so long, but his steadfast insistence that he's still not sure should at least clear up the latest batch of rumors that he's definitely on board for another flick.

Regardless of who is sitting behind the wheel of the Aston Martin, the 25th Bond flick is due in theaters on November 8, 2019.

[via: Morning Magic, h/t TheWrap]