american horror story, cult, ahs, season 7, credits, clinton, trumpThe opening credit sequence for the seventh installment of "American Horror Story" has been released ahead of the show's debut next month, and in true "AHS" form, they're cryptic and creepy in equal measure. And this time, they also feature some pretty recognizable cameos.

As promised, "AHS: Cult" will center around the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election, between candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. And fans can see both of them -- albeit in plastic Halloween mask form -- in the "Cult" credits, leering creepily into the camera.

But those two divisive figures aren't the only political people who make an appearance: a bust of George Washington is also featured prominently, and toward the end of the clip, the shadow of someone in a top hat -- perhaps Abraham Lincoln? -- can also be seen. And, naturally, there's plenty of gore, too, with blood and creepy bugs galore also taking up a large chunk of the proceedings. Even with this new, political bent, these credits make it clear that "AHS" is still the same scare-mongering show it's always been.

"American Horror Story: Cult" debuts on FX on September 5.

[via: American Horror Story/Twitter]